I was initially referred to Robin by my personal trainer because of a crippling knee and hip pain. As an individual who suffered with anxiety, I was extremely nervous to meet him but his approachable nature instantly eased my worries. He diagnosed me with tendinitis and a snapping hip and over the weeks as he treated my injuries, the pain eased off and I found myself able to do things I was previously unable to do. I believe Robin is truly one of a kind in his field; irrespective of my anxieties, he was able to make me feel safe and comfortable. He showed genuine concern and interest in me and my life. I opened up to him about my struggles with diabetes and anxiety. After this, he suggested I try Autogenic Training with him to see if this would help tame my anxiety and stabilise my diabetes. Because of my anxiety disorder, I have struggled to do everyday things like taking the tube, answering my phone when an unknown number rings, eating around other people and leaving my house. As I progressed through the autogenic training course, I found myself being able to cope with taking the tube, I was able to push myself in social situations, and I felt more comfortable when leaving my house. Autogenic training has helped me throw my anxiety in the backseat and as a result has stabilised my blood sugar levels, making diabetes easier to control. Robin has given me all of the tools and support to conquer my anxiety and for that I am forever grateful.

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