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Stomach pain or menstrual pain

Suffering with Digestive Problems?

Some patients who come to see me are suffering with digestive problems. Conditions that affect the digestive system can cause many unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramping, nausea, constipation, gallbladder issues and sleep disturbances. For many patients, over the counter medication simply masks their digestive problems, instead of correcting them. At The Robin Kiashek Clinics,… Read more »

Cartilage growing to rebuild body parts

An Intriguing Medical Breakthrough

I am always interested in hearing about medical advancements, so I was intrigued when I read an article from the BBC recently about cartilage being able to rebuild body parts. The article explains how in just three years time patients requiring surgery to reconstruct certain body parts could have treatment using lab-grown cartilage. Researchers at… Read more »

A Newsletter of a Newsletter!

A Newsletter of a Newsletter!

So there I was, preparing January’s Newsletter, when in popped an email Newsletter from my colleague and friend, Clive Lindley-Jones. Clive, who lives and works in Oxford, wears many ‘hats’ professionally speaking:  Osteopath, Applied Kinesiologist (AK), Psychotherapist, Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP), Life Coach and general all-round ‘good-guy’.  He has helped me over the years in many… Read more »

“Your Body is Your Medicine!” Says Leading London Osteopath, Robin Kiashek

“Your Body is Your Medicine!” Says Leading London Osteopath, Robin Kiashek

As a leading osteopath in London, I believe that the body has incredible self-healing properties and that thoughts held long enough can be physically presented. But many of the patients who visit the Robin Kiashek clinics have long believed that only doctors, drugs and medical technology have the abilities to heal… and that the human… Read more »

Is This The Year You’ll Change Your Health? Asks Leading London Osteopath, Robin Kiashek

Is This The Year You’ll Change Your Health? Asks Leading London Osteopath, Robin Kiashek

As a leading osteopath in London, I often see patients with positive health goals at the start of each New Year. For many of the patients I see, leading a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is among their core goals. But how we do we stay on track to fulfill our potentially life-changing New Year’s… Read more »

Did You Get Any Downtime Over Christmas? Asks Our Experienced Osteopath In London

While most of us planned to fit in some “downtime” over the Christmas period, how many of us actually had it? With the festive period being the busiest time of year, some of us will be entering the New Year in need of another break just to recover from the hustle bustle of the season…. Read more »

Don’t Freeze Your Fitness Plans this Winter

I encourage many of my patients to undertake regular physical exercise – even in the cold, winter months! For many people, winter brings a reason to abandon workout routines. As temperatures drop and gusting winds seems to push us back indoors to the warmth of our living rooms, a lot of us tend to put… Read more »

Back to Back Traffic Increases Risk of Whiplash at Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas in full swing, more and more drivers will face heavy traffic as they head to the shops or travel to visit relatives or friends. As a leading London osteopath, I regularly treat patients who are suffering from back and neck pain as a result of being in road traffic accidents…. Read more »

Carlos Acosta

Christmas: A Great Opportunity to Dance Your Way to Health

I recently read an interview with Carlos Acosta, a Cuban ballet dancer who has been deemed “the greatest male dancer of his generation”. During the interview, Acosta said something that really stood out to me. He was asked, “If a person didn’t train in dance while young, do you think they can still gain suppleness… Read more »

Stress or Something Else? Leading London Osteopath Robin Kiashek Talks Somatoform Disorders

Displaying physical symptoms but struggling to get a definite diagnosis from your GP? Told your suffering from “stress” when you don’t feel stressed? Feeling confused and frustrated by your abstract symptoms? Our leading London Osteopath suggests that psychosomatic disorders should be considered in certain medical cases. The word “psychosomatic” comes from the mind (psyche) and… Read more »

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