Qualified Life Coach in London: Life Coaching and NLP

Life coaching and NLP in LondonA qualified Life Coach based in London, I work with clients towards achieving self confidence, self awareness and clarity about how to achieve their goals, all invaluable qualities and ones which Life Coaching can inspire in you.

Life coaching empowers you to accept the present and to mould your future, whether you need help in:

  • Making personal or business decisions
  • Embracing life and any changes it may present
  • Managing and nurturing relationships
  • Developing yourself in a particular area of your home or work life such as communication
  • Learning to identify your goals and the means to achieving them

To make an appointment at one of my Life Coaching clinics in London, please contact me or read on to learn more.

Personal Life Coaching

From relationships and communication skills to personal development, decision-making and dealing with stress and unhappiness, there is no limit to the issues with which Life Coaching can help. As a Life Coach, I can work with you to examine your life, your way of thinking, your goals and the changes you can make to achieve them, all in a safe and positive environment.

My approach is not to instruct you as to how to live or think, but rather to equip you with the clarity, sense of ability and self confidence to live as you want. Working from my London practice, I can help you explore the hurdles that may be blocking your path to happiness and the ways in which you can overcome them.

Career Life Coaching

You have the potential to shape your career into what you want it to be. So what’s holding you back?

Whether you are contemplating a career change, want to improve your business skills such as to become a more effective leader or communicator or are seeking a better work/life balance, as a Life Coach I can show you how to take control of your career and to actively navigate your professional path.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Transforming thought into positive action

Neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP” is a practice through which I can help you transform your thoughts into positive action.

NLP is based on the philosophy that your life is not only made up of the choices you make, but is shaped by the way in which you make decisions. After all, your life is not only impacted by events that “happen to you”, but of the decisions you make along the way, both big and small.

This may seem self-evident, but in our everyday lives, we can let our fears and stresses cloud our judgement. This can lead us to make a string of decisions that accumulate into a life situation we may not want.

A certified Master Practitioner in NLP, I apply it in my work as a Life Coach to help you achieve clarity, to break any unhelpful decision-making patterns you may have developed and to teach you how to replace them with a decision making process that helps you achieve your goals.

To book a Life Coaching consultation at one of my London clinics or to find out more, please feel free to contact me.

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