A Newsletter Of A Newsletter ...
The Robin Kiashek Clinics Newsletter

A Newsletter of a Newsletter!

So there I was, preparing January’s Newsletter, when in popped an email Newsletter from my colleague and friend, Clive Lindley-Jones. I read Clive’s Newsletter and as usual, found it inspirational and hence decided, with his permission, to republish the Newsletter.

A Newsletter of a Newsletter!
Cartilage growing to rebuild body parts

Replacement Body Parts Grown In The Lab?

I am always interested in hearing about medical advancements, so I was intrigued when I read an article from the BBC recently about cartilage being able to rebuild body parts. The article explains how in just three years time patients requiring surgery to reconstruct certain body parts could have treatment using lab-grown cartilage.

Medical Breakthrough Intrigues London Osteopath, Robin Kiashek

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