Autogenic Training: Relax, unwind and heal

London Autogenic TrainingAutogenic training is a potent relaxation therapy which has powerful applications in restoring, healing and developing the body and mind.

Also known as autogenic therapy, the practice of Autogenic Training is not about “treating” you as one would a patient, but rather about teaching you a set of lifelong skills and exercises which you can use whenever and wherever you want.

As an Autogenic Training practitioner, I offer this as a course at both of my London clinics. To make an appointment or to learn more, please feel free to contact me.

The Benefits of Autogenic Training

Not only can Autogenic Training help you relax and unwind from the daily stresses and strains of life, some evidence shows that it can also help you:

  • Deal with, ease and even prevent stress-related conditions such as sleep disturbance, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and depression
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Improve your concentration skills and creativity
  • Develop your ability to manage and overcome adversity

Overcoming Stress

Autogenic training works on the basis that the body has two main states of “fight and flight” (part of the sympathetic nervous system) and “rest and digest”. Fight and flight is a state which is ideal for short-term physical exertion, a situation where the body pumps adrenaline and is on high alert. We cannot – or at least should not – sustain this state for too long as it focuses our body on performing a limited range of functions at the expense of others. Instead, we should have a good balance between rest and digest and fight and flight.

Yet, the stresses and strains of the modern world have meant that many of us are in fight or flight more and more often, thus not allowing our bodies to effectively perform mechanisms such as muscular relaxation and digestion, to name a couple . Through the process of Autogenic Training, you learn to control your body so that the autonomic nervous system (particularly the sympathetic control) remains or returns to a restful state, thus giving your body the chance it needs to work as a whole.

Autogenic Training in Practice

Autogenic training is made up of an 8 week course during which you learn a set of simple mental and physical exercises and techniques. It involves the internal repetition of certain thoughts whilst undertaking physical poses.

During the course, I work with you to ensure that you understand and perfect these exercises, so you feel confident in performing them on your own. I will also help you find the right exercises for your needs and requirements.

As they do not require any equipment or special clothing, once you have learned the appropriate Autogenic Training exercises, they are an invaluable tool which you can use to relax and restore you in virtually any situation. The Autogenic Training is most often incorporated into an Osteopathic session, thereby reducing costs.

For more information on Autogenic Training or to book an initial consultation, please feel free to contact me. Or you can learn more about my work as an Osteopath in London.

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