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Osteopathy is a validated, regulated and increasingly researched medical therapy which aims to address pain and other symptoms caused by a range of disorders including those incurred in the workplace, the sporting world and during pregnancy as well as general lifestyle related conditions. I treat runners, footballers, dancers, rugby players and many other athletes.

Being so close to the medical heartland of Harley Street I also find myself increasingly being the osteopath of choice for dentists, GP’s, Consultants, nurses and any other medical practitioners whose role involves seeking additional help for their patients.

Robin Kiashek is my ‘go-to’ osteopath for my complex patients with neck and back problems. He combines excellent clinical care, effective treatment and a friendly approachable manner. He always communicates well with patients and the referring specialist. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in search of a first class osteopath.
– Dr Paul Jarman, Consultant Neurologist, (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery 23 Queen Square London WC1N 3BG

How can an Osteopath help you?

Painful Joints can be helped by London Osteopath

Your back, joints and stress-induced conditions such as headaches arising from the neck are just a few of the areas that Osteopathy can endeavour to improve.

Through the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as those of muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, cartilage, tendons and the general skeletal system and also identifying underlying, causative factors, Osteopathy can not only help to heal specific conditions but also work towards improving your overall health.

Learn about how I can help you in my Osteopathy clinics in W1 and N2 – serving a large area including N10.

Classical Osteopathy: Non-invasive treatment

Osteopathy involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a variety of muscle, joint and skeletal conditions, and where possible without the need for surgery or drugs. Instead, an Osteopath restores your body’s natural functions using hands-on techniques.

Through these non-invasive methods and by working closely with your lifestyle, I can help minimise or even resolve your symptoms and improve your overall health.

Learn more about how Classical Osteopathy might help you

What happens at an Osteopathy appointment?

From the initial consultation to patient discharge, I have set out a step-by-step guide as to what happens when you visit an Osteopath. Learn more about what you can expect when you visit one of my Osteopathy clinics based in W1 and N2.

What happens when you visit my osteopathy clinics

Central London Osteopath W1The Robin Kiashek Central London Osteopathy Clinic

Providing Osteopathy and related services to Central London including London W1 and Soho.

North London Osteopath N2 N10The Robin Kiashek North London Osteopathy Clinic

Providing Osteopathy and related services to North London including London N2, N10, Muswell Hill and East Finchley.

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