Healthy FoodAs a qualified Naturopath based in London, I can help you equip your body with the tools it needs to not only heal itself, but also to prevent illness from ever developing. I help my patients achieve wellbeing through natural methods and treatments, allowing their bodies to fight and prevent disease, minimising the need for surgery or drugs.

To learn more about my work as a Naturopath in London or to book a consultation, please feel free to contact me. You can also read on to learn more.

Naturopathy: Allowing your body to heal itself

Naturopathy is a complementary health profession based on the age-old philosophy that the human body has the innate ability to heal itself through nature. As a Naturopath, my role is to rid your body of the toxins and underlying issues that may harm its capacity to perform this function.

From modern pollutants and poor diet to emotional and psychological issues, today’s world can pose a challenge to our health and block natural influences. I can work with you to identify any factors that may be undermining your health and to develop an individual plan based on your needs.

Who can Naturopathy help?

Naturopathy can help patients of all ages and most states of ill/health. It can help a person understand a broader view of their well being, even with regard to chronic or acute conditions, but its principal aim is not only addressing current symptomology but also the prevention of illness before it develops.

What can I expect when visiting a Naturopath?

SilhouetteNaturopathy treats each patient as a unique individual and is based on understanding the person as a whole. That’s why the first thing I usually do when a patient first visits me is to ask them a series of questions about their lifestyle, medical history, physical and, when appropriate, emotional circumstances and diet.

Depending on the answers and the patient’s requirements/objectives, I may then undertake some further tests.

From this information, I can begin to work with you to develop a plan suited to you, perhaps in tandem with other treatments, which can be found in the ‘How I Help’ section.

For more information on Naturopathy or to book a Naturopathy consultation in one of my London clinics, please contact me.

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