What Happens When You Visit My Osteopathy Clinics

Osteopathic Medicine StampWhether applying Osteopathy to help you overcome issues such as neck pain, back pain, headaches or working to improve your wellbeing through Naturopathy every treatment and every therapy I offer is different. However, there are some general practices that apply when you visit either of my London clinics. The following is a brief guide to what you can expect:

Length of Consultations

An initial consultation usually lasts approximately 45 minutes, while follow-up treatments last 30 minutes.

The Initial Consultation

Whether it’s your first time visiting an Osteopath or complementary therapist or just the first time you’re visiting me, the first thing I do is to learn about you. This includes details of your medical history, lifestyle and, if relevant, diet as well as what you hope to achieve.

I will also conduct a clinical examination of you. For the purposes of this, you may be asked to undress to your underwear so that I can assess your spinal and joint mobility, as this may reveal any possible structural imbalances in your body.

Osteopathy can help neck painThe objective of these processes is to understand you and your body so that I can reach a ‘working diagnosis’ and hence devise the most appropriate treatment for your requirements.

Once these procedures are complete, I provide you with a treatment protocol informing you of the type of treatment I would recommend and how many treatments are required. In the event that Osteopathy is the correct course of treatment for you, I will explain the diagnosis to you and, where possible, the underlying causative factors for your condition.

You will be given a short treatment at the consultation, followed by advice on exercises, hydrotherapy and ‘what to do and what to avoid’.

Fees and Payment

For fees, please refer to my price list

Please note that payment is required directly after each session, including for patients wishing to claim the cost from their health insurance. Payment can be made by cards (excluding American Express) or cash

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, otherwise the full fee may be payable.

Health Insurance

If you want to claim for your treatment via your medical insurance, you need to obtain consent from your insurance company BEFORE the initial consultation and I will provide you with a receipt after each session.

Please visit my health insurance page for more information. If you would like to book an initial consultation for Osteopathy or another treatment or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Central London Osteopath W1The Robin Kiashek Central London Osteopathy Clinic

Providing Osteopathy and related services to Central London including London W1 and Soho.

North London Osteopath N2 N10The Robin Kiashek North London Osteopathy Clinic

Providing Osteopathy and related services to North London including London N2, N10, Muswell Hill and East Finchley.

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