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Dr. Adam Law

“We all need to listen, not just with our intellects but our hearts as well,” Law said. “As long as we see the people in front of us as people and hear their stories, I think there is a lot of hope.” “



ME ASSOCIATION NEW NATIONAL SURVEY The ME association has published the results of the largest independent survey for ME patients ever conducted in the UK. The result of which treatments were most successful. Of a list of 25, 1st was Pacing and 2nd was Relaxation/meditation, both which obviously  help ME sufferers who are doing too […]

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DL-W AT sleep

I have suffered with sleeping problems for most of my adult life, however over the last few months these problems got so much worse that my life became almost unbearable…. Robin suggested that I try Autogenic Training. After 7 sessions my sleep has improved dramatically!!

After all these years and the many, many things I have tried, I really didn’t think anything would help me – thanks to Robin and Autogenic Training, I have been proved to be wrong– and that’s a first!!


Stress ‘slows healing’

Researchers have shown that stress and anxiety can make it more difficult for wounds to heal.  Professor John Weinman, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, presented the findings at the Cheltenham Science Festival.  Healthy volunteers, whose levels of stress were determined using a standard questionnaire, were subjected to small ‘punch’ wounds. The […]


LR, 38

When I came to Robin … I was suffering headaches on an almost daily basis and had very little head movement … after my first treatment … my pain had lessened considerably and my daily headaches stopped. When I came to Robin, I was in a lot of pain following a whiplash injury, which happened […]


AN, 28 (Accountant)

In one session, I found instant relief in my upper back … numbness in my left hand side of my face for the past 10 years and tension headcahes …. I can happily say that I do not suffer with tension headcahes anymore, plus the numbness sensation has completely disappeared … I would highly recommend […]