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How to look after your back whatever your age

How do you keep your back healthy? This week marks Back Care Awareness Week.  As an Osteopath with 25 years’ experience, Robin Kiashek says: “It’s often back issues that first prompt people to approach me” In fact, according to the NHS, 70 percent of us will suffer with back pain at some point in our […]

The importance of recovery after exercise

Why is recovery so important? Recovery After Exercise On Sunday 11th September my son and I cycled the 55mile London to Brighton route.  And we were very pleased to raise just under £3000  for Macmillan while we did so.  I’m generally a fair-weather cyclist (and Peleton owner) so I trained for the ride beforehand and […]

Balanced Lifestyle – ‘how to stop your chair from falling over’

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle A balanced lifestyle is something we hear a lot these days.  Balanced diet, work/life balance, the list goes on.  But are we sometimes guilty of just ticking off the easy bits? As an Osteopath of more than 25 years’ experience, Robin Kiashek can testify to the benefits of maintaining a healthy […]

New associate Osteopath joins Robin Kiashek’s central London clinic

A new associate has joined Robin Kiashek’s Central London Osteopath Clinic in Soho. Osteopath Gabriele Giordano, holds a master’s degree in Osteopathic Medicine from the University College of Osteopathy. He will be based at the Regent Street clinic one day a week, offering a range of treatments: Osteopathy / Cranial Osteopathy Cupping Dry needling Sports […]

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Osteopathy “effective in the management of musculoskeletal disorders”, researchers conclude.

Osteopathy has long been used to treat back pain. But for years, evidence of its effectiveness has been limited – until now that is. According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), there is now “promising evidence” that osteopathy may relieve musculoskeletal pain.  The review, published in the BMJ, saw researchers asses the safety and effectiveness of […]

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Sleep solutions, snorkels and osteopathic techniques: How Osteopaths can get your health back on track

You might be wondering how ‘snorkels’ and ‘Osteopaths’ would ever appear in the same sentence. But having worked as an Osteopath for more than 25 years, Robin Kiashek is no stranger to looking at the bigger picture. Especially when it comes to the topic of health. At Robin’s London clinics, one appointment could be spent […]