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Sleep solutions, snorkels and osteopathic techniques: How Osteopaths can get your health back on track

By the title of this blog, you might be wondering how the words ‘snorkels’ and ‘Osteopaths’ would ever come up in the same sentence. But having worked as an Osteopath for more than 25 years, Robin Kiashek is no stranger to looking at the bigger picture. Especially when it comes to the topic of health. […]


Can Osteopathy help with hip and knee pain?

Osteopathy can help with many things. From lower back pain to frozen shoulder and arthritis to sporting injuries. But, can osteopathy help with hip and knee pain? In a nutshell: yes, osteopathy can more than likely help with pain felt in this region, as it takes on a holistic approach when it comes to treating musculoskeletal […]

Robin Kiashek, Osteopath, but not lone wolf!

You could be forgiven for thinking that working as a sole practitioner in Osteopathy is a lonely job. And for much of his day, experienced Osteopath, Robin Kiashek, is in individual patient consultations.  But that doesn’t make him a lone wolf!  In fact, during his 25+ years in practice he has built a network of […]

The connection between stress and disease

Stress can have wide, varied and long-lasting impacts on the body. And in some cases, stress can manifest itself in the body physically.  When this happens, it can be described as a psychosomatic disorder. Defining psychosomatic disorders The word psychosomatic comes from the mind (psyche) and the body (soma). It’s classified as a disease which […]

We need to talk about obesity and the case of the bad back

Here at the Robin Kiashek Clinics, we take a holistic view when it comes to assessing patients’ problems. Yes, you might have come to the clinic to see , with over 25 years clinical experience, about your sore knee, headache or painful arthritis. But to give these persistent problems the boot once and for all, […]

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Taking the scenic route in 2022

Well, we’re almost through the first month of 2022. I do hope that the year has been kind to all so far.  Much to my surprise, I find myself entering 2022 as a Peloton owner.  So, how did I arrive at static cycling? Not fit for purpose For many years, my exercise regime has consisted […]


Grief and trauma – the physical impact

Grief and trauma I recognise that it’s customary for Osteopaths to blog about the safest way to put up decorations and lift your turkey at this time of year. But I thought we might take things in a slightly different direction. The festive season can be hard for those who have lost loved ones during […]