“My back has more faults than a Toyota and, unlike the Japanese company, my dad (whose genetics are at fault) refuses to give me my money back or fix it. Thankfully I found Robin many years ago and whenever I have a back problem he is the first person I turn to. He professionally investigates it and always comes up with a programme that rapidly sorts it out. Robin is professional, courteous and has a warm sense of humour. I thoroughly recommend his services.”

…I have been visiting Robin periodically for two years. I originally sought his service out with an extremely painful lower back that had plagued me for over a year. On my first visit, I was very emotional and after asking many questions, Robin suggested that a referral to a psychotherapist may be beneficial.

These initial few meetings set me on a course that has led me to make many wonderful changes in my life. I learnt that my bad back was a symptom of stresses, both physical and emotional, that had built up over many years. Robin treated my back with a combination of Cranial Osteopathy and manipulation; I have been pain-free in my lower back for over a year. I now see Robin once a month to relieve stresses which manifest as pain in my neck and shoulders. I have recommended Robin to many friends and colleagues and they are without exception extremely grateful.

I came to Robin with a long term sciatic condition, which had been causing severe pain in my lower back and left leg for about ten years. I had been treated at The British School of Osteopathy during the early 1990’s after a fall from a tree which damaged a vertebrae in my lower back and remembered how effective this had been in alleviating a lot of my symptoms.

However, I ceased this treatment at a point when I felt the symptoms had become manageable. By early 2002 I was suffering more or less constant pain. My GP suggested I recommence osteopathic treatment.I initially visited Robin regularly, starting at one half hour session per week and gradually reducing those visits to one per four week period as my symptoms have improved. The majority of my treatment has involved a combination of manipulation, some focused exercise aimed at building up muscle tone in the legs and lower back and some dietary advice. As a result of Robin’s intelligent and wholly professional approach to the treatment of my symptoms, I have seen a 75 to 80 per cent improvement in my condition to date. It is truly remarkable how few symptoms affect me now and how much pain I was prepared to endure before seeking treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Robin to anyone suffering similar symptoms to my own

I would like to thank you for the work you’ve done on my back.
Before seeing you, I had been suffering for a year following a ski accident.
I had seen another osteopath and my back pain was still pronounced.

Several friends having suffered from similar vertebres experiences told me that my back pain would last for the rest of my life…
Based on the above experience and feedback, I had little expectations when I came to see you for the first time.
You have delivered an impressing relief and I am very grateful to you for this.
My expectations have been far exceeded and I will be most happy to recommend your services as I have already started doing

I have suffered from back problems for years (including two spine operations), so when I started to get pain and loss of movement, once again I was in despair.

However you kindly squeezed me into your lists as an emergency and I am happy to say that within just two treatments under your expert hands, my range of movement improved and the pain began to subside. After three sessions I was almost back to normal – if there is such a thing!

Please do not take what I am about to say in the wrong way, but I hope that I won’t need to see you again in the near future!

Thank you once again for sorting me out so quickly

I was referred to Robin by another osteopath when I developed soreness after a slight twist at work. By the time I first visited him, I could barely make it up the flight of stairs, such was the growing and acute pain in my lower back and hip. After one treatment, I was 80% better and a week later I was snowboarding.

He has spotted potential future problems and I feel more comfortable seeing him regularly in an attempt to prevent those injuries that are showing more with each year. I’ve already recommended him to friends.

I had severe lower back pain, with chronic stiffness around my neck and middle back when I first saw Robin. I’d had problems with my back on and off for nearly 20 years but after the birth of my first child, it seemed to get considerably worse.

I was desperate to find an osteopath locally and quickly and came across Robin.

Robin wasted no time in diagnosing the cause of the pain and started me on a course of treatment. Very soon I was feeling better than I had for literally years.

His skill, warmth and attention made a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robin to anyone – and in fact I have done so already several times.

Robin was recommended to me by a work colleague after I suffered severe lower back pain on my right side. During my first visit, Robin confirmed my lower back was locking and going into spasm. After giving Robin information about a long term knee problem, he worked out I was weight bearing onto my right side to avoid pressure on my left knee, which was aggravating my lower back. I was given successful treatments on my lower back but was told this would be only a temporary solution. Robin suggested we address the main problem – my left knee.

I was very sceptical at first – I’ve had constant knee pain for the past 9 years. I have seen numerous physiotherapists, none of which have made any difference. I’d almost accepted the fact that I was going to have to live with the pain.

However, Robin started the treatment and to my amazement, very quickly, I noticed a difference to my knee. I started to feel a lot more stable, more confident, a lot less pain – I was even able to walk without my knee giving way. My quality of life has changed dramatically.

I have started skipping, playing tennis and even dancing, which I haven’t been able to do in 9 years. My lower back has also been fine. Thanks Robin!

I awoke one morning with an excruciating neck pain that I put down to sleeping strangely. The following night resulted in no sleep whatsoever as which ever way I lay, resulted in agony. The next day I made an appointmnet with Robin simply because the practise was near my office.

Robin identified the problem and after one session my neck immediately felt better. I returned for three more treatments to ensure that the problem was gone for good. The problem has not returned. I did however return to Robin for back pressure problems later in the year, caused by pregnancy – the problem was immediately relieved. I will also be booking Cranial Osteopathy treatments for my new baby daughter.