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I first visited Robin Kiashek in 2015 with a knee injury.  He had been very highly recommended and I was seriously impressed with him.
He saw me as an emergency late on Saturday afternoon.
In February 2016 I injured by back and could hardly walk, I was in complete agony.  I saw Robin and it turned out to be two herniated discs pressing on the sciatic nerve.
Robin has now got me back to normal although I must still be a bit careful and sensible.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He is very knowledgeable, very professional and extremely kind and reassuring.
I shall be forever grateful to my friend for telling me about him.

March 2016

I have suffered from back problems for years (including two spine operations), so when I started to get pain and loss of movement, once again I was in despair. However you kindly squeezed me into your lists as an emergency and I am happy to say that within just two treatments under your expert hands,… Read more »

I was referred to Robin by another osteopath when I developed soreness after a slight twist at work. By the time I first visited him, I could barely make it up the flight of stairs, such was the growing and acute pain in my lower back and hip. After one treatment, I was 80% better… Read more »

I had severe lower back pain, with chronic stiffness around my neck and middle back when I first saw Robin. I’d had problems with my back on and off for nearly 20 years but after the birth of my first child, it seemed to get considerably worse. I was desperate to find an osteopath locally… Read more »

Robin was recommended to me by a work colleague after I suffered severe lower back pain on my right side. During my first visit, Robin confirmed my lower back was locking and going into spasm. After giving Robin information about a long term knee problem, he worked out I was weight bearing onto my right… Read more »

I awoke one morning with an excruciating neck pain that I put down to sleeping strangely. The following night resulted in no sleep whatsoever as which ever way I lay, resulted in agony. The next day I made an appointmnet with Robin simply because the practise was near my office. Robin identified the problem and… Read more »

…I have been visiting Robin periodically for two years. I originally sought his service out with an extremely painful lower back that had plagued me for over a year. On my first visit, I was very emotional and after asking many questions, Robin suggested that a referral to a psychotherapist may be beneficial. These initial… Read more »

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