To Robin

Many thanks for helping me out this year – not really sure I could have done it without your help – I really do appreciate it.


I had been suffering from lower back pain which had been getting worse gradually over a couple of years. I had been receiving physiotherapy but getting very little positive result and the pain had begun to affect my every day life, increasing to pains in my hips and legs on a daily basis and making me feel tired and unwell.

A friend suggested osteopathy and I found Robin’s contact details on the internet; his surgery was close to my workplace and very convenient.

I have been receiving treatment from Robin over several months, during the course of which the pain has dramatically decreased. Robin gave me advice on maintaining good posture and flexibility and managing the problem myself. Robin also found different ways to treat my symptoms and showed me how my lifestyle and stress levels were contributing to my problems. As a result, I now have a virtually pain free lower back and the ability to deal and minimise the problem every day.

Robin is professional, sympathetic and understanding at all times and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking osteopathic treatment.

I have suffered from back problems for years (including two spine operations), so when I started to get pain and loss of movement, once again I was in despair.

However you kindly squeezed me into your lists as an emergency and I am happy to say that within just two treatments under your expert hands, my range of movement improved and the pain began to subside. After three sessions I was almost back to normal – if there is such a thing!

Please do not take what I am about to say in the wrong way, but I hope that I won’t need to see you again in the near future!

Thank you once again for sorting me out so quickly

Yours sincerely, PD