Together with Robin Kiashek I was able to define more clearly what I wanted to get out of life and what my long term goals were. He helped me define a method on how to work on those goals, and embed them in a weekly routine. He does not preach but helps you define your own solutions. Robin is like a mirror: reflecting upon what you say and showing things how they are, so you can, together with him, work on the image you want to see in the mirror in the near future. He breaks goals down into manageable steps and finds with you what daily routines you have to do in order to get a balance during the day – a necessary condition to achieve your goals. Specifically, he helped me realize that focussing on a lot of goals at the same time sets oneself up to fail. It is better to focus ones attention on one goal and do it well, and then move to the next.

I was looking for help and advice for an extremely painful and disabling arthritic hip – preferably avoiding surgery – and I found Robin’s website on Google. I chose to approach him because he offers both osteopathy and naturopathy and, having read a great deal about the importance of diet and supplements in controlling arthritis, Robin’s “holistic” approach attracted me.

After an initial visit, Robin agreed to do what he could to help me. He started to give me treatments to free-up the hip and suggested changes to my diet and an exercise programme. Following an X-Ray, however, it was clear that I had advanced degenerative changes in the right hip together with (milder) degenerative changes in the lower lumbar spine and left hip: I chose to have surgery, which seemed to me to be the best course of action. Robin helped me to prepare for the surgery, doing his best to maintain as much muscle tone and mobility as possible. Following surgery, Robin helped me “get back on my feet”.

I continue to have sessions with him on a regular basis, with a view to slowing down arthritic changes in the other hip and lumbar spine, and increasing mobility in the operated leg. As a measure of success, this time last year I was unable to walk very far and had to give up horse-riding because of pain and loss of mobility. I am now back to regular 10-mile walks and to horse-riding (albeit at a somewhat gentler pace!) and have just come back from an “Adventure Holiday” in Africa, which I could not possibly have undertaken this time last year. In a nutshell, Robin has given me back my life(style)!

On a personal level, I find Robin to be an extremely skilled osteopath and also a very astute and concerned individual. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me and I highly recommend him.

Robin has been hugely helpful in alleviating an aching upper back, limited movement in my shoulders and neck and a dropping right shoulder. In just 3 sessions using a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture he has restored balance to my body. I feel so much better and I no longer have pain or discomfort. He quickly diagnosed the cause of the problem something previous osteopaths had failed to do, and as a result I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you!

He does what he says on the tin – fixes things and my major pains went away after treatment. Professional, Accessible and Reassuring

A real gentleman with lots of experience & and a sympathetic approach; when I was unable for afford treatment Robin was kind enough to see me until my circumstances changed. This was very much appreciated

Bedside manner! Robin is always very kind and remembers details of previous encounters which make it far more comfortable for treatment; I have been very pleased with the results of treatments and passed his details on

Robin is also a good listener who is able to relate the situations in ones life to it’s effect and treatment on the condition; felt cared for and treated very respectfully. Specific knowledge on treatment technicality was shared