“Really struggling and miserable with sciatica during the pandemic. From the moment I contacted Robin, things improved. The surgery is spotless and sanitised after every patient, every care is taken to mitigate against Covid.. felt very confident at a difficult time when I was reluctant to contact anybody ! The programme that Robin delivered brought immediate relief and over a course of treatment I am now better 🤞I’m so grateful to Robin for taking the pain and misery away”


Professional, highly Skilled, holistic – Robin’s treatments have helped reduce my back and neck pain which had plagued me for years. He has taught me how to reduce re-occurrences through exercise and lifestyle change – I was very despondent before I came to see him and he continues to help me hugely; I’m very grateful.

I came to Robin with a long term sciatic condition, which had been causing severe pain in my lower back and left leg for about ten years. I had been treated at The British School of Osteopathy during the early 1990’s after a fall from a tree which damaged a vertebrae in my lower back and remembered how effective this had been in alleviating a lot of my symptoms.

However, I ceased this treatment at a point when I felt the symptoms had become manageable. By early 2002 I was suffering more or less constant pain. My GP suggested I recommence osteopathic treatment.I initially visited Robin regularly, starting at one half hour session per week and gradually reducing those visits to one per four week period as my symptoms have improved. The majority of my treatment has involved a combination of manipulation, some focused exercise aimed at building up muscle tone in the legs and lower back and some dietary advice. As a result of Robin’s intelligent and wholly professional approach to the treatment of my symptoms, I have seen a 75 to 80 per cent improvement in my condition to date. It is truly remarkable how few symptoms affect me now and how much pain I was prepared to endure before seeking treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Robin to anyone suffering similar symptoms to my own.