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cureYou may remember that I recently wrote about the BBC programme The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs. Along similar lines I recently attended a workshop based on Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind over Body which is a bestselling book by Jo Marchant.

Just some of the questions posed throughout the book include:

  • Are those who turn to alternative medicine deluded, or are they on to something?
  • Can our thoughts, beliefs and emotions influence our physical health?
  • Can we train our brains to heal our bodies?

As an Osteopath who is also a qualified Naturopath who offers, amongst other therapies, Acupuncture and Autogenic Training I truly believe in treating the whole person rather than a symptom or set of symptoms.

The philosophy and direction behind the book made me assess the best way to fulfil my ethos of helping my patients achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.

This book had me gripped from the start when Jo Marchant reviewed the science of what we understood about placebos and how they have the power to make people feel better. She asks if “kissing it better” really works, which most children who have had a bump or graze healed in this way would say it did. She then goes on to ask how and what can be the mechanics of such a thing, perhaps a release of endorphins?

Over the pages she stages a riveting discussion of how language, meaning and culture determine how people experience illness.

I cannot recommend this book enough and if you would like to purchase a copy on Amazon please click here.

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