I encourage many of my patients to undertake regular physical exercise – even in the cold, winter months!

For many people, winter brings a reason to abandon workout routines. As temperatures drop and gusting winds seems to push us back indoors to the warmth of our living rooms, a lot of us tend to put all fitness routines on the back-burner until the wrath of the winter weather subsides. But… as a leading osteopath in London, I advise patients (that are able to exercise) that the benefits of regular physical activity are too significant to be put on hold when workouts become untimely. All it takes is a little planning…

Remember to layer up properly when exercising outdoors in the cold weather. Start with a thin synthetic material, such as polypropylene, to extract perspiration from your body and then add an insulating layer (such as a fleece) on top. And of course, don’t forget your breathable, waterproof outer layer to protect you should the “heavens open”.

If you’re exercising outdoors during the evenings or early in the mornings when it’s dark, wear a reflective outer layer and choose footwear with adequate traction to prevent falls.

And if that isn’t enough? Then there are always indoor gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes that you can attend!

Don’t freeze your fitness plans this winter – it could come as an unnecessary cost on your health.

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