Are you sitting too much? Robin Kiashek Osteopath London share a great video

For most of us modern life means a lot of sitting. It’s hard to escape sitting for long periods of time, Modern life is full of opportunities to sit for long periods, from slouching on the sofa watching TV to sitting in our cars and sitting at an office desk all day long, more and more of our time is spent sitting.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t designed to sit for such long periods of time and there are major problems with doing so. Being a leading Osteopath in London I come across patients who have the problems as a result of sitting for too long all the time.

What impact does sitting have on your body?

First off there are basic bodily function issues. When we sit for too long our calorie burning rate can drop to 1 calorie per minute. After even longer of sitting there is also a decrease in blood flow.

Sitting for many hours a day significantly drops the level of insulin in your body which in good time will increase the risk of ‘Type 2 diabetes.

After 2 weeks of sitting for more than 6 hours a day we see an increase in LDL cholesterol (aka the bad stuff) resulting in an increase of the likelihood of weight gain.

Not to mention it becomes harder for your body to break down fat not just because the body’s enzymes are less effective but also because your body is doing less due to weakened muscles.

It can make you less happy as movement sends good feeling hormones to the brain. In short too much sitting affects the quality of your life and the health of your body.

See a great video explaining the perils of sitting

If you are suffering pain or discomfort and you would like further information on how I as an experienced Osteopath in London may help you or to book an Osteopathy appointment at one of my osteopathy clinics in London please feel free to send me a message or call me on 020 8815 0979.


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