Teenagers constantly checking their mobile phones, employees hunched over computer screens all day and silver surfers feeling the after-shocks of years spent at a desktop, the sharp discomfort of ‘tech neck’ can strike at any age.  Neck pain associated with badly positioned screens in offices, sedentary lifestyles and looking down – attractively double-chinned – at mobile phones is common in this tech focussed world, and can become uncomfortable.

According to The Institute of Osteopathy, tight neck and upper back muscles, stiff joints, and trapped nerves are common effects of spending too long being hunched over screens, and if left untreated, can cause splintering pains through the shoulders and hands. But there are some simple adjustments that could make a difference:

  • Set the computer screen so that’s it at eye level
  • Do some simple neck exercise through the day
  • Make sure that a lunch break gives the neck, as well as the mind, a rest, by getting away from that screen
  • Drink plenty of water through the day – the discs between the vertebrae in the spine consist mainly of water so keeping hydrated will ensure they stay healthy.

And if the problem persists?  Occupational therapies like osteopathy can be successful in helping with the symptoms through the use of gentle manipulations, soft tissue massaging, and joint movement.

Robin Kiashek has over 20 years’ experience of Osteopathy and allied therapies and offers safe, gentle and effective treatment for a wide range of patients. There are some fantastic testimonials from people who came to see Robin with upper back and neck pain here.

So, whether you’re a serial surfer, or a deskbound double-chinner, there are things you can do to lessen the discomfort of ‘tech neck’.  And if you’d like to discuss how Osteopathy might help you specifically then please do get in touch with Robin.