I have suffered with sleeping problems for most of my adult life, however over the last few months these problems got so much worse that my life became almost unbearable. In the past I had tried various remedies- lavender pillows, herbal treatments, meditation (I am a qualified Bach Flower Essence practioner and exhausted all my supplies!!). Nothing worked for me!

Even prescribed sleeping pills didn’t have the desired effect. It was then that Robin (who I’d been seeing for a back problem) suggested that I try Autogenic Training.

After 7 sessions my sleep has improved dramatically!! I’m  falling asleep much more quickly than I ever have done before and am sleeping for longer too.

Also, because  its so quick and easy to do, I sometimes  use it during the day at work when things get a bit hectic.

After all these years and the many, many things I have tried, I really didn’t think anything would help me, thanks to Robin and Autogenic Training  I have been proved to be wrong– and that’s a first!!

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