ED, 29 (Senior consultant/recruitment)

I approached Robin with acute back and shoulder pain. We are not sure why these symptoms suddenly occured but it sounds as if it has been due to bad posture and stress. I had been receiving treatment from a physiotherapist but I was not noticing any results, so I looked into osteopathy. I wanted to visit an osteopath that was close to my work and got Robin’s details from The General Osteopathic Council.

Robin is exceptionally professional at all times and has been a great help to me both mentally and professionally. I pointed out to Robin that I did not like manipulation and he took on board my wishes and treated me in different ways. He sorted out my lower back with only a few treatments and then worked on other areas (shoulder and neck) that have also been problematic. He gave me exercises to do and has told me how I can improve my posture.
I still have regular treatments with Robin which are very successful and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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