FP, 50 (Investment Banker)

…For over five years I suffered from terrible neck pains and almost daily headaches. I visited approximately 10 Harley Street specialists, tried all sorts of alternative medicine (hypnosis, Alexander technique and even flying to Thailand for acupuncture) and had regular sessions with a variety of expert physiotherapists. Nothing worked.

In April, I was recommended to Robin by my doctor. Since I started seeing him (once a week), my neck pains have diminished to a perfectly tolerable level, not generally having more than one headache a week. In the past month, I have not experienced a single headache. Apart from helping me enormously in a physical sense, Robin Kiashek’s holistic approach has been a real moral booster. His skills as a clinical dietician have improved my diet and he has enrolled me with a personal trainer twice weekly. He is sympathetic, encouraging and thoughtful and I’m sure these human qualities have also played a role in my incredible recovery.

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