GVB, Oxford postgrad student

Together with Robin Kiashek I was able to define more clearly what I wanted to get out of life and what my long term goals were. He helped me define a method on how to work on those goals, and embed them in a weekly routine. He does not preach but helps you define your own solutions. Robin is like a mirror: reflecting upon what you say and showing things how they are, so you can, together with him, work on the image you want to see in the mirror in the near future. He breaks goals down into manageable steps and finds with you what daily routines you have to do in order to get a balance during the day – a necessary condition to achieve your goals. Specifically, he helped me realize that focussing on a lot of goals at the same time sets oneself up to fail. It is better to focus ones attention on one goal and do it well, and then move to the next.

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