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I had been suffering from headaches since childhood. Over the years, these had become more frequent and delibitating to the point where it was most unusual for me to have a day free of headache. Headaches became migraines and I felt ‘better’ when the migraines had retreated to the state of ‘mere’ headaches.

I was recommended to Robin as having some useful experience in this area and somewhat sceptically attended our first session. There was no immediate fix nor was one promised. Robin set about releasing the tension in my upper back and neck through a series of manipulations and cranial massage. He also gave me some shoulder and neck exercises to do at home. I was asked to keep a ‘headache diary’ showing severity and frequency in order to plot any improvements.

Initially improvement was slow – 40 years of headaches don’t resolve overnight. After around 5 or 6 sessions, however, I began to feel a slight improvement in that the headaches became less severe and didn’t turn so readily into migraines. About 8 weeks into treatment I had a major headache which, when it subsided, disappeared completely. Thereafter I began to get not only headache-free days, but headache-free weeks. The cycle had been broken.

I still get headaches – I have a stressful life (OK – who hasn’t). But they are the exceptions, no longer the rule; they do not endure and I can often head them off with relaxtion exercises when I feel them coming on.

I still attend regular treatments with Robin and my headache frequency continues to subside. Robin’s approach has without question improved not only the quality of my life but also that of my family, who now have less frequently to endure a bear (literally) with a sore head.

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