Month: June 2010

When I came to Robin … I was suffering headaches on an almost daily basis and had very little head movement … after my first treatment … my pain had lessened considerably and my daily headaches stopped. When I came to Robin, I was in a lot of pain following a whiplash injury, which happened… Read more »

In one session, I found instant relief in my upper back … numbness in my left hand side of my face for the past 10 years and tension headcahes …. I can happily say that I do not suffer with tension headcahes anymore, plus the numbness sensation has completely disappeared … I would highly recommend… Read more »

I would like to thank you for the work you’ve done on my back. Before seeing you, I had been suffering for a year following a ski accident. I had seen another osteopath and my back pain was still pronounced. Several friends having suffered from similar vertebres experiences told me that my back pain would… Read more »

I have suffered from back problems for years (including two spine operations), so when I started to get pain and loss of movement, once again I was in despair. However you kindly squeezed me into your lists as an emergency and I am happy to say that within just two treatments under your expert hands,… Read more »

I had been suffering from lower back pain which had been getting worse gradually over a couple of years. I had been receiving physiotherapy but getting very little positive result and the pain had begun to affect my every day life, increasing to pains in my hips and legs on a daily basis and making… Read more »

To Robin Many thanks for helping me out this year – not really sure I could have done it without your help – I really do appreciate it. LH

I had been suffering from headaches since childhood. Over the years, these had become more frequent and delibitating to the point where it was most unusual for me to have a day free of headache. Headaches became migraines and I felt ‘better’ when the migraines had retreated to the state of ‘mere’ headaches. I was… Read more »

I approached Robin with acute back and shoulder pain. We are not sure why these symptoms suddenly occured but it sounds as if it has been due to bad posture and stress. I had been receiving treatment from a physiotherapist but I was not noticing any results, so I looked into osteopathy. I wanted to… Read more »

… For most of my life I have suffered from migraine and headaches, which occurred every 6 to 8 weeks. I have received treatments from osteopaths, naturopaths, doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists. None of the treatments had worked. After moving to London, I was referred to Robin Kiashek by a doctor who was treating me for… Read more »

AC, 28 (Accountant) presenting with Migraines

I awoke one morning with an excruciating neck pain that I put down to sleeping strangely. The following night resulted in no sleep whatsoever as which ever way I lay, resulted in agony. The next day I made an appointmnet with Robin simply because the practise was near my office. Robin identified the problem and… Read more »

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