Robin Kiashek, Osteopath, but not lone wolf!

You could be forgiven for thinking that working as a sole practitioner in Osteopathy is a lonely job. And for much of his day, experienced Osteopath, Robin Kiashek, is in individual patient consultations.  But that doesn’t make him a lone wolf!  In fact, during his 25+ years in practice he has built a network of valuable contacts and relationships with other medical professionals.

Part of a pack!

Which is particularly useful if he needs to refer a patient for further diagnostic tests.  Or get a valuable second opinion.

Equally, this wider network can (and does) also call on Robin’s skills.  Particularly around referred pain, the impact of stress and lifestyle on the body and understanding the root cause of an issue.  And this collaborative approach has certainly been in evidence in the past week.  As Robin explains:

“A Neurologist contacted me to see if I could be part of a multi-disciplinary team to review a very complex high-profile case.  Of course, I was delighted to be involved.”

The team comprised experts from several fields,  These included Neurology, Pain Management, Orthopaedics and Rheumatology.  This breadth of involvement and expertise was incredibly helpful.  It was immediately possible to see what had already been ruled out.

A new perspective

Luckily, Robin’s experience of working with complex cases – specifically those slow to respond to treatment  – enabled him to bring a new perspective to the process.  And he was delighted to subsequently receive an acknowledgement for his contribution from the Medical Director responsible for coordinating care.

Robin added: “It was so nice to be part of a wider collaborative team.  Also to have my contribution heard and valued by my peers.  I’m confident that our combined efforts will help towards a reduction in pain for this poor patient.”

Ask your Osteopath

When you choose an Osteopath, do ask about how and when they work with other professionals.  An open and collaborative approach can really enhance the care they provide.

As Robin says: “I am great fan of seeking out new opinions and working with others where necessary to provide the best outcome for my patients.

“Plus, whilst we professionals might like to pigeonhole issues under titles like Orthopaedics or Neurology, unfortunately humans are complex.  So, sometimes our issues need to sit across several disciplines if they are to be resolved effectively.”

If you’ve been struggling with an issue for a while, why not speak to Robin?  He can be contacted here. Or you can call 020 8815 0979.



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