Displaying physical symptoms but struggling to get a definite diagnosis from your GP? Told your suffering from “stress” when you don’t feel stressed? Feeling confused and frustrated by your abstract symptoms? Our leading London Osteopath suggests that psychosomatic disorders should be considered in certain medical cases.

The word “psychosomatic” comes from the mind (psyche) and body (soma) and is classified as a disease which involved both the body and the mind. Leading London Osteopath Robin Kiashek believes that some physical diseases can be made worse, and sometimes even caused by mental factors such as anxiety, stress and depression. A patients’ mental state is also believed to affect the severity of a physical condition.

Leading London Osteopath Robin Kiashek is dedicated to working with all patients to understand the cause of symptoms and to endeavour to find a long-term solution based on each individual case.

For many patients who visit The Robin Kiashek clinics, understanding the true cause of their physical symptoms is often the first step on the road to recovery.

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