Leading London Osteopath Congratulates Dr Raymond Perrin on ME/CFS Award!

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dr perrin wins osteopathic awardAs a London osteopath with a keen interest in ME/ CFS, I was delighted to hear that Dr Raymond Perrin, creator of the Perrin Technique, has won the Research and Practice Award handed out by the Institute of Osteopathy. The first ever national awards ceremony took place last month at their yearly convention where Dr Perrin was handed the award to recognise 26 years of research into ME/ CFS and fibromyalgia.

Perrin’s dedication to research into the diagnoses and treatments of these conditions has led to a new NHS trial at Wrightington Hospital, in Wigan. As a London osteopath who successfully treats ME/ CFS patients using the Perrin Technique, I look forward to the day when the nation is better educated on these restricting conditions.

When Dr Perrin first started his research, he established a registered charitable trust, The Fund for Osteopathic Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which has gone on to raise more than £400,000 and funded large research projects including an extensive radiological study involving MRI scanning at the University of Manchester.

Upon receiving his award, Dr Perrin said “To sum up how my research has changed the way I practise, I now run a clinic that combines very traditional osteopathic concepts with evidence-based techniques that are backed by cutting-edge science and ground-breaking medical discoveries…It makes every day in clinic demanding, challenging, exciting, and extremely rewarding.”

The Perrin Technique has gained an international reputation as a highly regarded treatment option for CFS/ ME and we are delighted to be able to offer this groundbreaking treatment at The Robin Kiashek Clinics.

CFS/ME (now known in The USA as Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease) is a neuro-lymphatic disease that presents with severe, disabling fatigue together with a combination of symptoms made worse by exertion. Scientists have now proved that fluid within the central nervous system acts as a lymphatic system, draining toxins out of the body or into the liver where they are broken down. Unfortunately, in a CFS/ME sufferer these normal drainage points are congested. A backflow of toxins into the central nervous system creates damage to the brain and impacts sleep function, temperature control, emotions as well as pain in muscles and joints all over the body. This is often on top of the debilitating post-exertion fatigue that ME/ CFS patients experience.

The Perrin Technique™, which we offer at The Robin Kiashek Clinics, is an osteopathic approach that stimulates the fluid motion around the brain and spinal cord. Manipulation of the spine helps to drain toxins out of the cerebrospinal fluid while gentle massage of the head, neck, back and chest direct toxins from the lymphatic system into the blood, where they are then detoxified in the liver. Eventually, the sympathetic nervous system starts to once again function correctly and health is restored.

We send a well deserved “congratulations” to my trusted associate, Dr Raymond Perrin.

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