Being an experienced osteopath in London a common questions I get asked is “what’s the difference between osteopathy and chiropractic treatment?”

An Osteopath in London explains the difference between (classical) osteopathy and (classical) chiropractic

The answer isn’t necessarily a simple one. There are as many similarities as there are differences between the two professions. There are not only differences between the professions but equally between practitioners of the same profession.

For example in osteopathy you have differences between classical osteopathy versus ‘cranial’ osteopathy and in chiropractic you have differences between classical chiropractic versus McTimoney chiropractic.

That being said there are differences between the two methods which are more to do with the underlying philosophical approach rather than which particular techniques are applied during treatment.

When it comes to diagnosis, chiropractors, will focus mostly on spinal integrity and will use x-rays of the spine to form a diagnosis. Osteopaths will use palpation (touch) of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons) and spinal positioning in conjunction with overall postural balance to form a diagnosis.

In the main, chiropractors work mainly on the spine. Osteopaths work on the spine and also on the whole body including peripheral joints.

When it comes to treatment chiropractors use more manipulative techniques whilst osteopaths may use manipulation in conjunction with soft tissue and mobilisation (stretching of joints) techniques. In my treatments I take into account the patient’s background, both physically and emotionally, which may then warrant the use of other approaches, such as Western Acupuncture, Low Level Laser Therapy and when appropriate, Nutritional advice and/or NLP and/or relaxation techniques.

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