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Sleep – how much do you need? Watch this video recommends a London Osteopath

A lack of sleep can have quite an effect on how we feel. You may have found yourself feeling a bit groggy or perhaps more irritable after not having had as much sleep as usual. How much is enough sleep? Researchers have tested how much sleep is required each night by assigning groups of people… Read more »

Other therapies offered at the Robin Kiashek London Osteopathy Clinics in W1 and N2 N10

My aim, as an experienced London osteopath, is to help my patients achieve overall health of the body and the mind. Treating each patient as an individual In addition to being a registered London osteopath I am also qualified in a range of other complementary therapies that allow my patients to benefit for an integrated… Read more »

How can I help you at my two London Osteopathy Clinics in W1 and N2 N10

As an experienced osteopath in London my aim is to provide each one of my patients with the highest standard of care. I work with each of my patients to address the symptoms they present with and to understand the causative factors to promote on-going health. Treating each patient as an individual I treat each… Read more »

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