Dear Robin,

I have been meaning to write an actual letter/ card to you to thank you for ages now, and I maybe one day I will actually go into a shop and remember to buy a stamp, and will find an open shop that sells cards! But seeing as it might be a while until that day comes, I wanted to write and thank you sooner, via email, for your support through mine and F’s covid recovery.

It was so kind of you to treat F for free and to have such compassion and kindness for both of us through such a challenging time in our lives. Your support gave us such hope and fortitude in the face of fear.

We both appreciated the regular comfort of a visit to your calming clinic and then subsequent feelings of health and vitality that followed.

We are both doing well. There are still some challenging days but overall we are so much better. I would have liked to finish treatment with you to full completion but unfortunately as you know, I had to prioritise other things. We are both taking care and continuing with Perrin technique.

Wishing you all the best and thank you again for your kindness and compassion for us in such difficult times.

A & F

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