In addition to my work as a London Osteopath in W1 and North London, I am qualified in a range of other complementary therapies including Naturopathy, Low Level Laser TherapyAutogenic Training, The Perrin TechniqueLife Coaching and (Western) Acupuncture. These therapies have both specific and general applications and can also work very well in combination with each other.

My aim through my work at my osteopathy clinics in W1 and North London is to help my patients achieve overall health of the body and of the mind.

Good nutrition plays a part in our health and well being and ensuring that our food provides us with high nutritional value is important.

This brings me to a common question – Is there a difference between fresh and frozen produce in terms of nutrition? And which is better for us?

Fresh Vs Frozen – Is ‘Fresh’ really the best?

If you believe Fresh is best then I suggest you watch the short video below (2 mins) as all may not be what is seems when defininng what is ‘Fresh’.

If we delve a bit deeper, you will see that because of logistics and picking processes it is often the case that fresh vegeatbles and fruit sitting on supermarket shelves and then in our fridge can actually lose a lot of their nutritional value. In fact, some ‘fresh’ produce can lose up to 50% of their nutritional value from the time they are picked to the time they are eaten.

Frozen vegetables and fruit on the other hand are picked when ripe and frozen immediately thus locking in the nutritional value.

Of course if you grow your own vegetables or buy them directly from a local supplier or at a farmers’ market and eat them that day, nothing will compare to the taste or nutrition.

Watch this video for a great explanation of Fresh vs Frozen …


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