A recent study undertaken at Cambridge University found that a lack of exercise kills twice as many people as obesity. The study of 334,000 people found that a persons life could be prolonged by taking a modest amount of activity. It also indicated that the people who would gain the most would be the least fit.

The study is a stark reminder of the impact that an increasing sedentary lifestyle is having on people’s lives.

While the study found that taking a twenty minute walk a day would cut the risk of premature death by almost a third, Ulf Ekelund, who led the study believes that we should be looking to do more than this.

The most recent Government guidelines advises Britons to take 150 minutes of exercise or ‘moderate activity’ every week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. Moderate activities include such things as taking a brisk walk, gardening and dancing are included in this group  while vigorous exercise would   include playing sport, running or aerobics.Unfortunately in another survey it was found that a third of people can’t even manage to walk for 30 minutes over 7 days.

Take a walk in North London …

As an experienced North London osteopath I treat patients who are suffering pain and discomfort often brought on by their lifestyle.

Exercise can have so many beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing, so it is important to tale time out to fit it into our busy schedules.

All you have to do is take a brief walk. We are very fortunate in North London to have many places to get out and about in our local area. Just on our doorstep in Muswel Hill is Alexandra Palace. The Park is conveniently located to the surrounding areas including East Finchley and down the road we have Hampstead Heath.

So go ahead and take a walk, all you need is a 20 minute walk a day and you will improve the quality of your life.

If you are suffering pain or discomfort and you would like further information on how I may help you or to book an Osteopathy appointment at my osteopathy clinic in North London please feel free to send me a message or call me on 020 8815 0979. I also have a clinic in Central London should this be more convenient for you.


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