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Western Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture Video Blog

Western Medical Acupuncture is just one technique used by London Osteopath Robin Kiashek. In this short video, Robin explains what this type of acupuncture is. For more information on acupuncture please click here. The Robin Kiashek Central London Osteopathy Clinic Providing Osteopathy and related services to Central London including London W1 and Soho. The Robin… Read more »

Acupuncture research demonstrates it improves circulation shares a London Osteopath

Research in the field of acupuncture continues on a daily basis. With this research comes a growing body of evidence that helps support the efficacy of acupuncture and to quash past criticism of a lack of medical evidence to support it being an effective form of pain relief. As a qualified practitioner of Western Acupuncture… Read more »

How Western Medical Acupuncture can help you explains a London Osteopath

In addition to being a registered London osteopath I am qualified at a postgraduate level with the British Medical Acupuncture Society in both Western Acupuncture and related Electro-Acupuncture. Western Medical Acupuncture offered at my osteopathy clinics in London W1 and N2 N10 I offer Western Medical Acupuncture at both of my clinics in London. I… Read more »

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