Entries by Robin Kiashek


DM, 28

Robin was recommended to me by a work colleague after I suffered severe lower back pain on my right side. During my first visit, Robin confirmed my lower back was locking and going into spasm. After giving Robin information about a long term knee problem, he worked out I was weight bearing onto my right […]


CB, 29 (PR consultant)

I awoke one morning with an excruciating neck pain that I put down to sleeping strangely. The following night resulted in no sleep whatsoever as which ever way I lay, resulted in agony. The next day I made an appointmnet with Robin simply because the practise was near my office. Robin identified the problem and […]


JM, 31 (Advertising Director)

…I have been visiting Robin periodically for two years. I originally sought his service out with an extremely painful lower back that had plagued me for over a year. On my first visit, I was very emotional and after asking many questions, Robin suggested that a referral to a psychotherapist may be beneficial. These initial […]

JS, 42 (Senior Media Executive)

He diagnosed TMJ (temperomandibular joint – a joint hinging the upper and lower jaw bones) dysfunction as a principle cause of my symptoms. This was confirmed by a dentist and further by a consultant neurologist. I have also suffered a number of physical injuries, for example: badly bruised ribs, a ‘cricked’ neck and very recently […]


Facial Pain Patient Testimonials

In one session, I found instant relief in my upper back … numbness in my left hand side of my face for the past 10 years and tension headcahes …. I can happily say that I do not suffer with tension headcahes anymore, plus the numbness sensation has completely disappeared … I would highly recommend […]