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Did You Get Any Downtime Over Christmas? Asks Our Experienced Osteopath In London

While most of us planned to fit in some “downtime” over the Christmas period, how many of us actually had it? With the festive period being the busiest time of year, some of us will be entering the New Year in need of another break just to recover from the hustle bustle of the season…. Read more »

Don’t Freeze Your Fitness Plans this Winter

I encourage many of my patients to undertake regular physical exercise – even in the cold, winter months! For many people, winter brings a reason to abandon workout routines. As temperatures drop and gusting winds seems to push us back indoors to the warmth of our living rooms, a lot of us tend to put… Read more »

Back to Back Traffic Increases Risk of Whiplash at Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas in full swing, more and more drivers will face heavy traffic as they head to the shops or travel to visit relatives or friends. As a leading London osteopath, I regularly treat patients who are suffering from back and neck pain as a result of being in road traffic accidents…. Read more »

Carlos Acosta

Christmas: A Great Opportunity to Dance Your Way to Health

I recently read an interview with Carlos Acosta, a Cuban ballet dancer who has been deemed “the greatest male dancer of his generation”. During the interview, Acosta said something that really stood out to me. He was asked, “If a person didn’t train in dance while young, do you think they can still gain suppleness… Read more »

Stress or Something Else? Leading London Osteopath Robin Kiashek Talks Somatoform Disorders

Displaying physical symptoms but struggling to get a definite diagnosis from your GP? Told your suffering from “stress” when you don’t feel stressed? Feeling confused and frustrated by your abstract symptoms? Our leading London Osteopath suggests that psychosomatic disorders should be considered in certain medical cases. The word “psychosomatic” comes from the mind (psyche) and… Read more »

Leading London Osteopath Congratulates Dr Raymond Perrin on ME/CFS Award!

Leading London Osteopath Congratulates Dr Raymond Perrin on ME/CFS Award!

As a London osteopath with a keen interest in ME/ CFS, I was delighted to hear that Dr Raymond Perrin, creator of the Perrin Technique, has won the Research and Practice Award handed out by the Institute of Osteopathy. The first ever national awards ceremony took place last month at their yearly convention where Dr… Read more »

So You Play Sports? London Osteopath Robin Kiashek May Be Able To Help You

So You Play Sports? London Osteopath Robin Kiashek May Be Able To Help You

Many of my patients enjoy participating in different sports, ranging from a hobby of gentle walking to top-class professional athletes whose livelihood depends on peak sports performance. Whatever your own personal level of sports participation, there are three keys to maximising performance and avoiding pain. Warm up and cool down Sports injuries are common and… Read more »

london osteopath w1 n2 n10 suggests paracetemol may not help back pain

Paracetamol: Not The Answer To Back Pain

Are you taking paracetamols to try and manage your back pain? If you are then you this may not be the best course of action according to the findings of a group of Australian researchers. The group reviewed 13 clinical trials to investigate the efficacy and safety of paracetamol (acetaminophen) in the management of spinal… Read more »

How Osteopathy Is Organised And Regulated explained by our London Osteopath

As with other medical professionals, osteopaths are regulated. This gives you the peace of mind that the osteopath that you are seeing is well qualified and will conform to a rigorous set of clinical standards to ensure your safety and to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition. To become an… Read more »


Neuroplasticity – Increasingly The Buzz Word In Neurological Recovery – from London Osteopath Robin Kiashek

We have been taught that the brain cannot be healed. Brain “damage” is permanent. Neurological problems such as Parkinsons are incurable. But what if we are wrong? Norman Doidge is a distinguished scientist, a medical doctor and a psychiatrist. He is also an author. He wrote The Brain That Changes Itself about seven years ago… Read more »

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