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Taking the scenic route in 2022

Well, we’re almost through the first month of 2022. I do hope that the year has been kind to all so far.  Much to my surprise, I find myself entering 2022 as a Peloton owner.  So, how did I arrive at static cycling? Not fit for purpose For many years, my exercise regime has consisted […]


Grief and trauma – the physical impact

Grief and trauma I recognise that it’s customary for Osteopaths to blog about the safest way to put up decorations and lift your turkey at this time of year. But I thought we might take things in a slightly different direction. The festive season can be hard for those who have lost loved ones during […]


When should I be worried about lower back pain?

Lower back pain really is exactly that – a massive pain in the back. Worldwide, the condition is believed to affect 540 million people. While in the UK, the debilitating problem affects around one-third of the adult population each year.   It can be caused by a range of wide and varied reasons. The pain […]

O is for Osteopaths and Orthotics

Osteopaths deal with the whole body. From the head right down to the toes, they treat specific conditions as well as working towards improving your overall health. While orthotics are shoe inserts that correct biomechanical foot issues. For the past 25 years, Osteopath Robin Kiashek has treated a number of ailments –  including those relating […]

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Heat therapy or cold therapy: What’s best for pain management?

Pain Management When in pain, most people tend to apply heat to the problem area rather than cold/ice compressions. Which is understandable – it feels more soothing.  And who wants to add being cold and uncomfortable to an already painful situation? “In my 25 years of practicing osteopathy, I’ve only ever encountered one patient treating […]


Having Osteopathy? Here’s what to expect at your first appointment

There are many reasons why you might visit an Osteopath. Whether it’s a back, joint, or stress-induced condition, or more specific workplace or sporting injury – Osteopathy can help improve a range of ailments. Robin Kiashek  is an Osteopath with more than 25 years’ experience in his field. He says: “Using a range of techniques, Osteopaths […]

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‘Physical health is mental health’ – why we need to get the balance right

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games might be over. But that won’t stop one particular moment from going down in history. When Simone Biles – the four-time Olympic gold medallist gymnast – withdrew from the team final in a bid to ‘focus on her wellbeing’, followed by the individual all-round, vault, bars and floor finals, it made headline […]