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Low-Level Laser Therapy – the runners’ friend

    After a cold, dark and seemingly endless winter – especially irksome if you’re a runner in training – dreary February has finally given way to hopeful March. Which means that spring (hopefully!) and the all-important race/marathon season are both around the corner. And with the London Marathon less than two months away, you’re […]

Patient patients: an Osteopath’s dream

The ‘Next Day Delivery’ culture of expecting results at the click of a button is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Whether it’s online shopping, crash diets, or intensive driving courses, we’re all eager for immediate solutions and not so keen to wait for results.  And our approach to recovery from injury is no different. At Robin Kiashek […]

Frozen Shoulder – Let it Go!!

There’s no official correlation between cold weather and the debilitating condition that is a frozen shoulder (although the body will generally tighten when the temperature drops which can adversely impact injury).  But with five percent of adults developing this problem (which can take up to four years to resolve without treatment) at some point in […]

To plank or not to plank …

Being able to hold a plank has long been considered a measure of fitness and a test of core muscle strength. But, is it as effective as we think? And what about those of us who can’t manage a plank? What are the other options for building core strength? For those not aware, a plank […]


The clocks have gone back and as well as signalling the onset of shorter days, it can also trigger what has affectionately been dubbed the ‘Winter Blues’ – or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But what is SAD, how do I know I have it and what can be done to tackle it? What is SAD? […]

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Hip Pain & Anxiety

I was initially referred to Robin by my personal trainer because of a crippling knee and hip pain. As an individual who suffered with anxiety, I was extremely nervous to meet him but his approachable nature instantly eased my worries.  He diagnosed me with tendinitis and a snapping hip and over the weeks as he […]

Taking the strain out of neck pain

Teenagers constantly checking their mobile phones, employees hunched over computer screens all day and silver surfers feeling the after-shocks of years spent at a desktop, the sharp discomfort of ‘tech neck’ can strike at any age.  Neck pain associated with badly positioned screens in offices, sedentary lifestyles and looking down – attractively double-chinned – at […]



Most of us have experienced headaches at some point in our lives.  They can be painful, debilitating, annoying and worrying.  But they also come in many forms.  So, what are the causes and how can we relieve the symptoms? Headaches are not always as straightforward as you may think, in fact there are over 150 […]


Hints and tips for achieving a better night’s sleep.  For a happier, healthier you. Sleep is a hugely popular topic of conversation. And with over 60% of us unhappy with the amount of shuteye we get* it’s not surprising that it’s often the first thing we discuss with our partners in the morning – especially […]