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Taking the strain out of neck pain

Teenagers constantly checking their mobile phones, employees hunched over computer screens all day and silver surfers feeling the after-shocks of years spent at a desktop, the sharp discomfort of ‘tech neck’ can strike at any age.  Neck pain associated with badly positioned screens in offices, sedentary lifestyles and looking down – attractively double-chinned – at […]



Most of us have experienced headaches at some point in our lives.  They can be painful, debilitating, annoying and worrying.  But they also come in many forms.  So, what are the causes and how can we relieve the symptoms? Headaches are not always as straightforward as you may think, in fact there are over 150 […]


Hints and tips for achieving a better night’s sleep.  For a happier, healthier you. Sleep is a hugely popular topic of conversation. And with over 60% of us unhappy with the amount of shuteye we get* it’s not surprising that it’s often the first thing we discuss with our partners in the morning – especially […]

Do Something Different!

Someone once mentioned to me that “we are the sum total of the decisions we make in life” Did you see Chelsea Cameron on Victoria Derbyshire’s show when she thanked her drug-dependent parents for all the things they DIDN’T do for her as a child and the choices she made subsequently?: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38825332 With this in […]

How Yoga Can Help Back Pain

As a practising osteopath in London I see a number of clients each week that experience back pain, in varying forms and severities. For these clients I am able to provide a comprehensive treatment plan and we work together over a number of sessions to treat the problem. In addition to treatment provided by myself […]

Perrin Technique – NHS Research

STOP PRESS:  NHS Research findings 2016 – 9th Perrin Technique Conference for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The push for Evidence Based Medicine seems to be a double edged sword – without a double blind trial supporting a claim of efficacy, as required by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), one is unable to make claims for a […]

The doctor who gave up drugs

So who has been watching on BBC1 a two-part program called The Doctor Who Gave up Drugs? For those of you who have not watched this program, it is a must watch (only a few days left for episode one!) A two-part social experiment Episode one is the first of a two-part social experiment in […]